icare communications
                                                                   email: childofwonder@comcast.net   
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to order magnets, cards or crosses please fill out 
the request information form below with the following information to be filled in the lower request box:

                  your name and complete address                     
card numbers, magnet numbers or​ cross numbers

**email address is required if i have any questions about your order**

*all information you provide will be used solely for the delivery of our products*

if you wish to donate money to cover the costs of the magnets, cards or crosses, please make out your checks to craig j. dorn and mail to 

 icare communications
 2755 183rd lane n.w.
cedar, mn. 55011
charities funded 
salvation army
alexandra house (domestic and sexual abuse center)
the emergency foodshelf network 

 *** all funds collected over the cost of production will be donated equally among the following charities ***